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Frequently Asked Questions

Is my household concern too small to call on My Home Team?

We do not discriminate against any enquiry. Our team leaders are well experienced in the Building and Maintenance Industry and will ensure that the correct Service Provider(s) are enlisted for your task.

Should I contact the Service Provide direct or call out a Project Manager?

In the event of a household emergency or maintenance and repairs, we encourage you to contact our Service Providers directly. However if you would require more than one service, call out a Project Manager / Team leader and experience the benefit of our local, professional network.

Will calling out a Project Manager be more expensive?

There are no call out fees for a Project Manager. Our Service Providers do not pay membership fees either. By being My Home Team representatives we are all in this to build a quality network of local service providers to better serve our customers. We have identified clear communication between team members as a key performance influencer and have appointed “Team Leaders” to drive this.

I would like to Hire My Home Team but not everyone?

If you would like to appoint your own preferred service provider for any of the tasks at hand, this can easily be accommodated. Kindly introduce your Tradesmen or Company to your appointed Team Leader and furnish us with all contact details to organise and conduct an  On-Site Meeting.

How do we Approve our Service Providers?

My Home Team is a collaborative project management network of Local Professionals. We are approved by each other, through years of working together as individual contractors. Our Internal standards are high; for interpersonal communication, work ethic and overall service delivery.

Why use My Home Team?

We are Connected! Working with My Home Team allows you, as a homeowner to deal with a single Project Manager throughout the entire process. Allowing them to draw on all our resources, offering you access to the same level of service we have come to expect from our colleagues through years of home and relationship building.

Will I save time or money?

Certainly! As a team, we are capable of much more in a short space of time. The real time saver is that our Approved Service Providers have open lines of communication between each other, making Project Scheduling easier. Saved time, is saved money.Not to mention our group buying power and supplier relationships that our clients gain access to.

Can I call a service provider directly?

Yes, you can contact any of our Approved Service Providers directly – we encourage you to do so as we promote our partners. If you require more than one service provider for your Home Build or Renovation, we suggest briefing a My Home Team leader. You’ll receive your quotations and the opportunity to hand your project over to a pro team.

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